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Trondheim Voices @ NIME 2011

Trondheim Voices did an exciting pilot project at NIME 2011 in Oslo, using Stagetracker FX, a performer tracking and audio localization system developed for the theatre by the company TTA in Stjørdal, Norway. ( NIME : conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression:
The system utilises hardware and software to track the positions of performers on stage and “apply” these positions to their microphone signals, automatically and in real time. The result is an auditive experience of the voices of the actors actually “following” them as they move around the stage.
Another, even more interesting possibility with this system was that the trigging of effects and reverbs could be assigned to specific areas on stage. In this way each singer could gain control over the use of effects simply by moving physically- or becoming a “human fader” as one of the singers in the ensemble put it.
It is not possible by these documentation videos to represent the spatial aspects of the sound here, and it is also difficult to capture this performance visually, but the video clips will still give an idea about the performance. This is from Lindemanssalen at the Norwegain Acadamy of Music
Based on this project, w are making plans for further work with this system, of course this is dependent on financing. This pilot project was supported by arts council norway and ntnu.

To read more about the pilot project.
Sound, videodocumentation: Asle Karstad , System technician TTA: Jon Torger Skjelstad

More videos:

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