The Garden

“The Garden” is an open state of mind between body and technology, space and movement, soundscapes and everyone present.

Trondheim Voices wishes to create ”spaces of possibility” based on musical improvisation. The Garden is a continuation of the collaboration with artist Ann – Cathrin Hertling, who works with live art projects, and sound designer Asle Karstad.

Maccaphone (Asle Karstad and Lau Karstad) has developed the system Maccasolve, a mobile effect system, specifically for Trondheim Voices. The system creates an opportunity for the singers to directly produce their own vocal sound, and be fully mobile. Along with Ann – Catrin Hertling they have established a form of musical expedition, where movement and space are equally as important components as musical material in the improvisation process. Hertling and Trondheim Voices are constantly striving to expand the concert format and create spaces where fixed identities, rules and norms are challenged for both audiences and performers.

    “The Garden” was first presented at the foyer of Trøndelag Theatre, where the singers searched for connections between the body and technological applications, the room and audience and especially within the ensemble itself, creating resonating and unconscious connections to everything that constitutes the present moment; a garden where musical seeds were sown and allowed to grow wild, and where new meetings between people, space and music could occur.

    “The Garden” is an ongoing site-specific project that can take place at different venues.
    More info on Wild at Art here

    The project was a collaboration between Trondheim Voices and Wild at Art, Trøndelag Teater and Metamorf.

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