BINGO! A kind of voice ballet

BINGO! Is a coproduction with wonderful Cirka Teater, Trondheim and the composers Live Maria Roggen, Ståle Storløkken and Elin Rosseland. Text: Siri Gjære

Bingo is numbers, rows, quadrants, dots, groups, movements, silence, loneliness, companionship, excitements, coincidence, luck, apathy, belief in faith, hard work, happiness, envy and hope…

9 Moving, improvising vocalists
3 Exploring composers
1 Inspired writer
1 Physical Theatre Director
1 Playful Set Designer –

– All on one board!

This group of artists has played with musical, language and visual associations from the phenomenon BINGO. This has led to a unique visual performance with room for excitement and disappointment, apathy and energy. Loneliness, companionship, humor, seriousness. Longing and love….

The Art Council of Norway, Trondheim municipality and South Trøndelag County Office, supports this project. The Norwegian Society of Composers sponsors the music. BINGO was performed during Olavsfestdagene 2008 and Soddjazz 2009.

“BINGO is never boring! It develops musically and visually throughout the whole piece. Even if the expression is abstract, you never get the bad feeling of not understanding and feeling stupid (as I have to admit I often get when I see abstract performances that carries the label Performance og Modern Art Scene). It’s just like the script and the music has found the key that opens my free association. I feel I am allowed to make my own interpretation of BINGO! Maybe that’s because during the performance, there are many pieces that are recognizable action; everyday happenings, meetings, wonder and thoughts and I use it in MY story. It seems like the performers know what they want to say. They deliver convincingly through body language and voice. I felt that in “Bingo!” The phenomenon bingo is used as a metaphor for the game of life. How is it to be a human? How is it to be together with others, or alone? What are we searching for, what are we hoping to find – to win?”

(Director Kjersti Haugen, Adresseavisen, 2008)

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