Artist in Residence: Ann-Cathrin Hertling/Wild at Art

Our Artist in residence 2013 was Ann-Cathrin Hertling and her concept Wild at Art (

Hertling has been working with us in 2013-2015 , with her main materials which is time, relations, room/space and different kinds of state of emergency! Hertling works with live art projects and aims to unite art and reality in a way that makes us think and act differently, and that makes art and real life collaborating as joint forces.

We have worked together with different project through the years. The first large scale project was in 5.-9. of June 2013,  POPLUDIUM – a musical state of emergencywhere we inhabited the old shutdown main post office in the centre of Trondheim. We invited the audience to a five days musical expedition, to come and go as they wanted, to share their experiences with us of finding music of the moment. Popludium also produced the main material for our show at Molde Jazzfestival, Love Letters, the same year. We continued this conceptual way of working through the christmas concert “Gaven”, and finally “Gjestehus” at the st. Olav Festival, Trondheim in 2015. This time we inhabited a church for 5 days and nights of improvising with space, time, audience and the meeting of art and everyday life.

Hertling has been a multi-vitamin injection for Trondheim Voices with her widespread skills with people, art, reality and the great scheme of things! A treasure box that we have been so lucky to peek into for a while – thank you!

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