On Anodyne

Review of On Anodyne by Tor Hammerø:
“A fantastic meeting!” (in norwegian)

On Anodyne on Dagsavisen’s 10 top Norwegian jazz releases 2016:
“The Norwegian Vocal Ensemble of all times”

Jazz i Norge about On Anodyne !
“Poetical power, rhythm and song!”

Review of “On Anodyne” in Dagsavisen
“With the album “On Anodyne”, Trondheim Voices and the ensemble Batagraf has created a masterpiece!”
Dagsavisen, 4/11 2016
( The whole review in norwegian here)

Review of On Anodyne at Nasjonal Jazzscene March 5th

“Together they presented a meditative journey that stretched from Molde, to Oslo, to the USA and to West-Africa (…). The interaction between Batagraf’s drums and the voices of Trondheim create a perfect frame for the work.”

Johan Hauknes, Salt peanuts

Read more here (in norwegian): http://salt-peanuts.eu/consert/anodyniske-refleksjoner/

Fantastic review of Maja Ratkje's Ekkokammer 2.0

” With Ekkokammer 2.0 , Ratkje does not only use the full with of Trondheim Voices, she also uncovers the essence of the ensemble!”

The whole review ( in Norwegian )

Morgenbladet: http://morgenbladet.no/2015/09/tyvearing-i-flukt

Ungt Kammerblikk: https://kamfest.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/en-verden-av-stemmer/#more-410

Great review of Trondheim Voices Show case at Jazzahead in Bremen


Beautiful review of "Gjestehus", Olavsfestdagene 2015


Popludium i Postgården 05-09.juni.2013

”….So simple, so genious- the old Post Office has never been more interesting !”
“…Wild At Art and Trondheim Voices shows how one with creative eyes, hands and voices can express music in a way never done before- at least not in Trondheim! And all that in a closed down Post Office! “ (6/6)

Review in norwegian, Adressa.no

All About Jazz, on performance at EJN sept. 13

Henning Bolte, All About Jazz, on the performance at EJN

“The last night was opened by the other Trondheim cornerstone, Trondheim Voices, a ten female vocalists ensemble (Torunn Sævik, Siri Gjære, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Ingrid Lode, Live Maria Roggen, Kirsti Huke, Heidi Skjerve, Anita Kaasbøl, Silje Karlsen, Tone Åse). Its fascinating loosely semi-improvised work unfolds during perpetual movement of the ensemble members through the performance space. It can be a conventional stage as in this case but also other kinds of architectural or natural spaces. Trondheim Voices surprised and pleased many spectators by their highly appealing way of melding new approaches of vocalism in a version of their very own creative signature. Its performance was a convincing manifestation how daring experiments lead into viable formats. (Pictures)

Adresseavisa on "Lydlunsj" (Sound buffet)

” The ones who sat through several servings could tell us about a great musical span through the day.Trondheim Voices is an ensemble that seldom or never repeat themselves”..( Read article in Norwegian )